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Posted May 3rd, 2011

25% off Data Destruction Services

In this day and age, security is a huge part of our lives.  People’s identities, corporate secrets, and Federal Government information are being exposed every day.  Securis wants to help fight this problem.  Over the next 45 days, we are running a promotion of our onsite and offsite data destruction services.  We want people to shred all the tapes, hard drives, cell phones, floppies, and disks that most companies and government agencies let fall by the wayside. If you have been storing or wondering what to do with your sensitive information, PC Recycler has a very cost-effective solution to high-security data destruction.  Let us come to your location and physically shred the metal hard drives right at your dock while you watch – and if you let us do it between February 15th and March 31st, we will take 25% off the cost of the service.

This service is better than using a kill disk or physically wiping each hard drive or tape.  We would like for you to think about these questions:

In the photo below, we have some hard drives that were pulled from some computers.  We wiped all of the hard drives with a program that is approved by the Department of Defense (DOD). Can you please tell us which one we didn’t wipe?

Ok, so what is our point? Looking at these pictures, there’s no doubt which hard drives have been shredded and which one still has data.


Promotion Details

Securis is running a promotion starting February 15th to March 31st on any of its data destruction services for corporations and government agencies.  All work must be completed by April 15th to take advantage of the promotion. Download a copy of the 25% coupon, Learn More…

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