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Posted Aug 14th, 2013

6 (+ 1) Ways Employees Are Putting Your Company’s Data at Risk

This is a good article from on the six most common “human” risky data behaviors in the enterprise.  This paragraph caught my eye and made me wish the author had included a seventh risky behavior:

USB thumb drives, smartphones and tablets: In a recent survey by Symantec, 62 percent of respondents said that it was acceptable to transfer work documents to personal computers, tablets or smartphones. The majority of these files, according to Symantec, are never deleted because employees don’t understand the risks involved with keeping them.

The seventh risky behavior, according to Securis, would be improper disposal of those USB thumb drives, smartphones, SD cards and other small data devices.  How many of these things are left in desk drawers, tossed in trash cans, left behind in hotel rooms, without regard for what sensitive data might be contained on them or who might pick them up.

And remember, many of these very small devices cannot be shredded by a traditional hard drive shredder, as they will literally “fall through the cracks,” leaving data intact.  They must be destroyed with a specialized micro-shredding process that results in very small particle size, ensuring no data can be recovered.

It only takes one breach to make a company famous (not in a good way).

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