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About Us

Securis is proud to provide organizations and agencies with the highest level of professional, ultra-secure data destruction and IT recycling. Whether you need onsite e-waste removal, secure computer disposal or hard drive destruction, Securis provides the only service you’ll need for all of your device and data destruction.

  • Experience and professionalism.
    • With two decades of experience, we are able to pay attention to the details that our competitors skip so we don’t miss any data or equipment. From strategic truck design to uniformed staff, Securis’ professionalism is evident at every level.
  • A commitment to an evolving industry.
    • Securis meets our customers’ needs, no matter how diverse they are. We provide any combination of on-site and off-site micro-shredding, traditional shredding, degaussing, and landfill-free IT recycling.
  • Convenient services and locations that save you time and reduce the risk of a security breach.
    • With convenient on-site and off-site services and locations up and down the Eastern Seaboard, Securis’ clients no longer need to ship end-of-life IT assets. Local office and on-site services greatly reduce exposure and risk.

Why Choose Securis

Securis is a leader in secure computer disposal, hard drive destruction and all of the e-waste recycling that takes place when equipment reaches its end of life. We provide a complete audit of your IT recycling and asset destruction so you can stay in compliance with all of the relevant federal and local laws.

Our staff is certified in electronics recycling and data destruction so you and your partners can feel secure. Our technicians have Mobile & Plant-based NAID certification, GSA approvals and Defense Logistics Information Service certifications. Whether your contractor has specific requirements or you have concerns over HIPAA, HITECH and more, Securis is the only IT recycling and data destruction partner you’ll need.

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We have almost 20 years of experience in the ever-evolving space of IT recycling and secure asset and hard drive destruction. Security and thoroughness are our commitment to you: we provide a combination of off-site and on-site services with a full audit process so you can check all of your work as it progresses. At Securis, we’re certified safe and secure.