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Posted Sep 18th, 2015

Addressing the Data Center Community on Cybersecurity Challenges

Securis had the opportunity to participate in The Third Annual Washington DC & Mid-Atlantic Data Center Summit this week. Vice President Daniel Mattock, along with several other industry experts, addressed an audience on Cybersecurity Challenges & the Realities of Security in a Data Rack: What Every Data Center Owner, Operator & End-User Should Know in Today’s Environment.

The panel discussed the importance of minimizing risk for a data breach, how end-user cloud security concerns impact decision making, and whether industry executives will create a proactive security plan this year. While the average cost of a single breach is more than $7million, the initial financial hit is scant compared with the long-term damage to their reputation, which can take years to recover. During that time, there is an added loss of revenue from lost customers who might stay away for a long time.  Proactive data center executives are concerned about putting their customers at risk and may be taking steps to increase peace of mind.

A healthy discussion led to the Summit’s panel’s consensus that while historically, data centers have provided hosting services, that in upcoming years, the centers are likely to expand their service offering  to begin providing security services as well.


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