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Posted Feb 13th, 2013

Attention IT Asset Managers and CIOs: Latest Tom Clancy Thriller Features Stolen Hard Drives!

How’s this for a thrilling, captivating plot:

The Scene:  A Seemingly Innocent Loading Dock Behind a Typical Mid-Rise Office Building in Suburban Washington, DC.  Eastern European Gangsters Steal Improperly Disposed of Hard Drives from the Unsecured Loading Dock and Use the Recovered Data to Penetrate a Top Secret U.S. Military Database at a DC Area Government Contractor.  Our Hero Cracks the Case, Saves the Day and Brings the Cyber Crooks to Justice.

What a unique and thrilling story–sure to be a hit, right?   Should be a sure-fire best-seller among IT departments, from CIOs to IT Asset Managers–in addition to Mr. Clancy’s sizable fan base of course.  It’s easy to imagine a movie, video game and all manner of Hollywood style merchandising.

Well, actually this book idea is more of a suggestion for Clancy rather than a factual news alert on his latest masterwork.  Because the under-publicized cyber-vulnerability during what we call the “last 100 yards” of the IT Asset Life Cycle is exactly the type of super-cool detail around which Clancy’s plotlines revolve.

And too many companies and government agencies still aren’t up to speed on proper safeguards and processes for their “end of life” IT assets…so perhaps a book like this (and movie) would help achieve the appropriate level of awareness.

Even though this book isn’t real (yet), it is a great reminder for government contractors, government agencies and other companies, particularly those in regulated industries such as financial services and health care, to review their IT asset retirement process–from time time an IT asset is decommissioned from a data center or desktop until it is properly disposed of via an auditable process of degaussing, shredding and recycling.

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