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Posted Apr 15th, 2011

Blog on Computer Recycling and Data Destruction

If you haven’t noticed yet Securis has a blog!  It’s part of our Web 2.0 rollout.  What is web 2.0 anyway?

Lots of people and customers over the 8 years we’ve been in business have asked questions about our business.  Things like: What do you guys do with the stuff once you get it?  How do you shred a hard drive?  What’s in a computer that can be bad?  Our idea with this blog is to answer those questions.

Another reason for the blog is to answer some questions that haven’t been asked but should be. In our industry, we see many misconceptions about electronics recycling and data destruction.  People just aren’t that well informed about the industry and that has allowed many companies in this market to basically do what they want and in some cases use unethical standards.  We want you to understand how this industry works, why it exists, and what you should know if you ever need the service of electronics recycling or data destruction, regardless of whether you use Securis or not.

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