Have you accumulated IT equipment that is now obsolete? As a way to offer value-added services and convenience to its residents, Broadlands Association will partner with Securis to host an electronics recycling event to dispose of equipment in a secure and environmentally friendly way.

This event is sponsored by the Broadlands Technology Committee in cooperation with Wicker Homes Group.

Event Information

Who: All residents of Broadlands Community. The event is free for Broadlands residents. Non-residents are asked to make a $10 donation.

When: Saturday, Oct 2, 2021 from 10am to 2pm, Rain or Shine

Where: Broadlands Community Center (43008 Waxpool Rd, Ashburn, VA 20148)

Security technicians will be located at the building’s parking lot.

Acceptable Items

  • Securis will supply and operate its mobile data destruction equipment so residents can securely destroy information on their equipment (hard drives, tapes and mobile phones only)
  • Securis will remove and recycle all electronic (including CRT Monitors and TVs) equipment brought by residents
  • All electronic equipment will be recycled in compliance with EPA requirements


  • Place your recyclable items in the trunk of your car
  • Volunteers will remove the equipment from your trunk
  • Please stay in your car

Electronics Recycling

100% Zero Landfill

At Securis, 100% of each electronic asset entrusted to the firm is recycled. Absolutely nothing is left to be disposed of in a landfill. All recycling is processed domestically to ensure the highest level of security for your organization.

Securis does not export any electronics to developing countries or non-OECD countries. Securis believes that the decision to recycle can easily become the cornerstone of any organization’s larger green initiatives. It is a natural extension of global responsibility that illustrates your organization’s dedication to a better tomorrow and can be a value-added marketing tool that inspires a different level of confidence from your customers, partners, and affiliates.

Data Destruction

This event will be offering hard drive shredding. A trained Securis technician will remove the hard drive from your computer, laptop or server. The hard drive is then dropped into our industrial shredder and ground into small pieces. The process only takes a few minutes. You will leave with the peace of mind that your information is gone forever.

Certified by the Defense Logistics Information Service to handle classified, mission-critical military data, Securis is one of the first companies to receive R2 and NAID certification in data destruction including complete compliance with every federal, state, and industry regulation. Securis’ data destruction services are for effective management of any organization’s data storage assets and are designed to meet or exceed all National Security Agency (NSA) requirements. We provide the highest standard of service to all federal, state and local Government agencies, as well as corporate entities wishing to responsibly and permanently destroy all data storage devices. Data destruction methods are in compliance with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Special Publication Series 800-88.

If you have any additional questions concerning this event, please feel free to contact your Securis representative, Dan Mattock at dmattock@securis.com.