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Securis Case Study: Healthcare Industry

Health Care on site data destructionSecuris Client: Healthcare Services Firm
Location: Fairfax, VA
Requirements: Secure Responsible Electronics Recycling, Compliance with EPA regulations, HIPAA and HITECH
Securis Customer Since: October 2010
Total eWaste Diverted from Landfills to date: 1,851 lbs

Client Challenge: Obsolete Electronics were Occupying Valuable Space and Incurring Considerable Costs

The Client had accumulated quantities of IT equipment and data storage devices that had been decommissioned. As a result, it had become advantageous for the Client to remove this equipment in a secure and environmentally friendly fashion. This equipment had to be disposed of properly so that the Client remained in compliance with data security and environmental regulations, including EPA regulations, HIPAA and HITECH.

Securis Solution: Removal and Responsible Disposal of Electronic Assets

Securis’ on-site solution ensured the decommissioned equipment was disposed of in a sustainable, secure manner:

  • Securis supplied a team of professional security technicians who arrived on-site at Client’s location.
  • Securis attached its proprietary asset tag to each appropriate decommissioned piece of equipment to ensure tracking and accountability.
  • All equipment was checked for data storage devices. Had unexpected data storage devices been found in the equipment, Securis had a dedicated procedure in place to facilitate compliance with local and national data security laws.
  • Securis removed and recycled the appropriate electronics from Client’s facility in compliance with its Zero Export, Zero Landfill policy.