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Posted May 3rd, 2011

Company notifies close to half a million about data breach

Last month, we blogged about how copiers involve a lot more personal information that you may have previously thought. Every time you put a document up to the scanner glass, there is the potential that the information could be retrieved at a later date — possibly even after you have disposed of the piece of electronic equipment. Some devices — mostly multi-function machines that scan, fax, and print — can actually hold tens of thousands of pages on their internal hard drives. CBS5 reported that copiers were found with the hard drives still in tact leaving many people’s private information vulnerable.

Recently, CBS5 followed up on this copier identity theft story by reporting that 409,000 people were notified of a potential data breach. This data breach notification was directly caused by CBS5’s original story. Because of medical privacy laws, Affinity was required to then file a breach notification to state and federal regulators and notify all of its clients and everyone who might have ever had information on Affinity copy machines, including current and former employees.


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