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Posted May 3rd, 2011

Computer Recycling Policy Update

We thought that we would share some of the changes that are going on across the country at the state level pertaining to electronics recycling. As you can see, individual states are taking action to improve recycling laws and regulations from the manufacturer, recycler, and consumer standpoints. Follow the links for each state to read more about what they’re doing about recycling…

  • California, SB 723, changes frequency of agency fee schedule calculation from every two years to annually, assigned to two committees – March 19th
  • Colorado, HB 1282, creates task force to study and report recommendations on electronics recycling program, passed House 4/7
  • Georgia, SR 83, resolution creating study committee on green information technology to recommend legislation by 12/15/09, passed Senate and adopted 4/1
  • Hawaii, HB 1809, follow-up legislation to 2008 bill creating TV producer responsibility recycling program, passed House 3/10, to Senate and referred to committee 3/12, amended by committee and passed 2nd reading 4/9
  • Indiana, HB 1589, producer responsibility based on MN model, introduced 1/16, passed House 2/25, referred to Senate committee 3/3, amended and passed by Senate committee 4/7
  • Kentucky, SB 63, manufacturer registration and plan, floor amendments 2/25, recommitted to Nat Resources 2/26
  • Maine, LD 1032, makes changes to existing electronics recycling law (adds annual registration and fee for manufacturers), introduced and referred to committee 3/17
  • Maine, LD 536, makes changes to existing electronics recycling law (adds digital picture frames, desktop printers and video game consoles; adds annual manufacturer registration), introduced 2/12, referred to committee 2/17, hearing held 3/10
  • Maine, LD 1156, changes requirements in existing law for TV manufacturers (TV manufacturers would pay based market share rather than returns) , introduced and referred to committee 3/25
  • Massachusetts, HB 767, producer responsibility, introduced 3/6
  • Minnesota, HF 1648/SF 1486, makes changes to sales reporting and manufacturer pound credits under existing electronics recycling law, HF 1648 amended and passed committee 3/26, Senate passed SF 1486 4/7
  • Missouri, SB 364, TV producer responsibility, passed committee 3/11, on formal calendar in Senate 3/18
  • Nevada, AB 426, study bill, introduced 3/16, amended and passed committee 4/6
  • North Carolina, S 887, makes changes to existing electronics recycling law, introduced 3/25
  • Pennsylvania, HB 708, producer responsibility, introduced 3/4
  • Texas, HB 3862/SB2326, TV producer responsibility, introduced 3/12, HB referred to committee 3/23, SB referred to committee 3/31
  • Texas, SB 761, adds TVs to current law, scheduled for hearing 4/14
  • Vermont, S. 77, producer responsibility based on MN model, passed Senate 4/7, read and referred to House committee 4/8

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