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Posted Apr 14th, 2011

Continuing Efforts in Community Work Programs

For the second year, Securis is participating in a community work program with Fairfax County Public Schools. These programs offer work experience for young adults in special education. Companies, such as Securis, that are involved in their community employ or provide school sponsored internships for these young adults and teach them skills that they can take into the workforce.

Securis now sponsors two students from Chantilly High School. Jessica helps with administrative duties on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  She has enhanced her skills by learning how to use different applications of Microsoft Office and data entry. Mark works Tuesday through Friday in the recycling warehouse. They have learned to appreciate that it is not the number of hours you work but the knowledge you take away from the process. Both are being trained to gain new skills as well as encounter office environment interactions. Susan Collins, Employment and Transition Representative of Fairfax County Public Schools adds, “The staff at Securis treats our students like fellow employees. This provides the students an opportunity to learn the expectations of work, but also how people can be productive and have fun while working.”

Thory Monsen, VP of Operations of Securis, coordinated the company’s involvement in this program. “Securis believes firmly in the utilization of employment on a local, grass roots level. This program was a perfect fit for our philosophy, tapping the competitive youth of Northern Virginia.”  Through the cooperative efforts of Career and Transition Services and companies like Securis, these students of special education are given the opportunity to build a foundation for their futures. Securis is dedicated in support of transitioning these students so they may take these skills to their chosen professions.

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