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Posted May 2nd, 2011

Data Leaks Due to Improper Destruction

Patient health records, social security numbers, bank account numbers and internal auditing procedures are examples of the kinds of information that is unknowingly leaking out of data centers. This trend is the result of companies improperly disposing of used data storage products at end-of-life, including a growing practice of selling used computer tape cartridges to recertifiers.

“All used data storage products, whether optical discs, flash, hard drives, or tape media, must be properly retired and disposed of in order to protect against possible data leaks. Despite the data storage industry’s warnings, companies continue to put themselves at risks. Imation wants to remind data centers that the only way to securely dispose of used tape media is through a reputable tape destruction service that provides a ‘certificate of destruction.'” said Subodh Kulkarni, vice president, Global Commercial Business, R&D and Manufacturing, Imation. “Tests in our lab of more than 100 commercially obtained tape cartridges confirmed that significant data “leakage” is occurring as a result of the practice of recertifying instead of properly destroying used tape. We take this issue seriously, because Imation’s business is centered on security in data storage and our products are being resold and reused in ways that can compromise a company’s information.”


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