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Posted Sep 16th, 2015

Data Travel Tips: Remove Risks With Data on the Road

Gone are the days where governments and companies transport their information across locations in a briefcase handcuffed to the wrist. Today, sensitive information is packed into hard drives, stored on laptops, resting on phones and in many more devices that go in many different directions.

That can make it very difficult when you need to ensure that your data is completely destroyed. Whether it’s the end of a system, an infrastructure upgrade, or you want to protect customer details at the end of a campaign, simply hitting the Delete key isn’t enough. Smart, dangerous individuals can find data on all of the hardware you’re getting rid of today.

But, there’s a danger lurking in carting off your data and hardware out of the state and to parts unknown. As your data is in transit with an uncertified partner, equipment can be lost, accessed, or even stolen. A weak chain-of-custody can lead to big risks when your hardware goes missing.

To protect you against this loss and create the strongest chain around, Securis offers a full suite of protections at multiple local locations. We believe your data is safest when it is destroyed close to home.

Safety Means Local Destruction

The safety of your data is paramount, so you need options that provide a complete protection system.

“We’ve worked with a number of government agencies and corporations that have expressed concern regarding the safety of their hard drives when shipping via USPS or express carrier.  The risk of a breach increases substantially if a package is lost in the mail or if an unauthorized person gains access to the data storage device,” said Allan Jenik, a Securis Franchise Owner.

To reduce the likelihood of breaches, Securis offers multiple nearby destruction locations to all of our customers. Certified process technicians are on hand to perform a comprehensive end-to-end IT disposal.

Your partner should always provide you with a completed Certificate of Destruction. We also recommend going with partners who are R2 and NAID certified and provide:

  • GPS-traceable trucks that pick up equipment on your site.
  • Inventory tags to track movement throughout the destruction process.
  • Records of all serial numbers processed and destroyed.
  • A clear chain of custody and control.

Your IT assets can be vulnerable when not in your control. Get the best protection by working with companies who have a reputation for security at their locations and yours.

Maintain Control with On-Site Processing

“Risk also increases in proportion to the distance the storage devices have to travel.  If you’re shipping them cross country the potential for a truck to be involved in an accident or loss due to theft grows exponentially,” warns Jenik.

On-site electronic media shredding is a new method companies all over the world are turning to when they want to ensure PCs, servers, tablets, phones, and more are destroyed completely. The same best practices for your data destruction should apply to on-site processing as well.

Securis provides a full, on-site service designed to destroy thousands of pounds of metal and plastic each hour. We’ve been fully, independently verified and audited to ensure every destruction method is thorough and adheres to industry best practices.

On-site destruction is a great way to give yourself a little more peace of mind. Have your employees watch the entire process so you can have their report along with a full Securis audit, serial tracking numbers, inventory tag lists, and reports on how the equipment ends its life in a zero-landfill, zero-export treatment.

What Securis Has to Offer

At Securis, we recommend a complete system destruction that includes hard drive shredding and breaking down each component into recyclable parts. That destruction is the safest way to protect your business.

We’ll provide that service at the location you prefer, with options for your staff to observe the entire destruction process. We provide full audits of all hard drive destruction and e-waste recycling so that every piece is always accounted for after processing.

Contact us today to learn more about the security and safety Securis brings to your data destruction.

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