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Posted Apr 3rd, 2013

IT Recycling and Data Destruction Shouldn’t be “Exhausting”

File this story under “you don’t get what you don’t pay for,” and “the devil’s in the details.”

One of the features in Securis’ lengthy capabilities statement is a small detail that most e-recycling and data destruction firms–and probably most customers–don’t spend much time thinking about:

Securis has taken specific steps to ensure that the exhaust from our trucks won’t flow into the client’s loading dock area, possibly endangering the health of their employees.

It is a safe bet that no client has ever chosen us based solely on that capability.  And it’s possible that no client has ever paid attention to that line item in our proposals.

But recently we heard from a company that had become very focused on the truck exhaust issue: This organization had selected an IT recycling and data destruction vendor on the promise of a lower cost. Unfortunately, the vendor’s truck ended up spewing so much exhaust into the client’s building that several employees complained of fatigue.

Our former client told us that they learned a significant lesson about vendor selection for e-recycling and data destruction: Make sure the details are going to be handled by experienced professionals.

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