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Posted Aug 15th, 2017

E-Waste Transportation Control Is Vital to Safeguarding Your Business

At Securis, we’ve seen customers work with out-of-town competitors who offer extremely cheap rates, but who then move equipment and data across the entire country with no checks or audit trails to keep things secure along the way.

Equipment is tossed into a truck and moved to a new site, consolidated with more IT equipment, and the process is repeated until the truck is full. It may then stop at various locations to offload different items. Sometimes, these stops include reviewing what goods are inside and seeing if anything is salvageable and sellable.

Every now and then, these checks are broken into and equipment is taken. However, some standard agreements will mean you’re never told that it was a truck was hit that had your equipment on it. And, there’s no detailed record, so there’s no way to know if your equipment was stolen when they do fess up to the incident.

Protect Yourself with Audits and a Proven Process

If you want to prevent access to your data when getting rid of old electronics, you need to have a completely secure process. That includes secure transportation of sensitive information and equipment to the destruction site.

The farther the site is from your company’s location, the greater the risk of breach you face.

That’s why Securis works with local businesses to bring our e-waste recycling and processing equipment to you in many cases, so your equipment will be disposed of on the same day as the pickup.

Our process also includes bagging and tagging all your equipment so the entire operation can be audited and destruction verified. We’ll check in and create records at each step, so you know that no one else had access to your equipment.

Reassure yourself by partnering with a company who will work with you to create a complete plan to keep your equipment safe.

We could say a lot of vague things here in on the Internet, but that doesn’t do much to create the trust you should have in a partner. So, let’s build that trust right now.

Contact us with this form to learn more about our operations in your area and see exactly how we’ll process your equipment. Our specialists will let you know if on-site destruction and validation is possible. Plus, if your equipment needs to be transported, we’ll discuss the location of a processing facility and how we get your equipment there.

Be sure to ask us about the auditing process. We’ll help you stay informed and meet any regulatory requirements you have when it comes to destroying sensitive data.

It’s Bigger Than Your Business, Too

Not properly processing and disposing of your e-waste, or working with a partner who just dumps it overseas instead of actually recycling it, might be a national security threat.

The tech you use is important and it is vital to the larger U.S. economy. According to this review of current policy and threat concerns by the DoD, our businesses face a concern from counterfeit electronic components that are often developed using dumped e-waste.

The Defense Department itself, in a 2011 study, found more than one million suspected counterfeit electronic parts in defense system hardware utilized by our war fighters – meaning that fake parts were present in the equipment our soldiers rely on for safety and security.

Parts that aren’t shredded and properly recycled can be broken down, sanded, reconditioned and coated, and then sold to other groups looking to save money by cutting concerns. Many of these items, especially circuit board components, are purposefully mislabeled to be sold as a higher-grade piece of equipment.

Why are we telling you this? Because proper disposal can prevent much of this.

For the military to protect itself, it must review equipment and materials. That means it is only protecting itself once counterfeits are in the DoD’s supply chain.  By properly recycling and destroying old electronics, you can help prevent these forgeries from ever entering into the supply chain in the first place.

For e-waste, we need to revive an old adage: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

E-Waste Transportation Control Is Vital to Safeguarding Your Business

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