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Posted Feb 19th, 2014

Environmental Sustainability Increasingly Important at CXO Level

As environmental awareness steadily increases in corporations, agencies, and consumers, we see an upswing in green initiatives and activities. Responsible environmental sustainability is addressed through a thorough review of current practices including manufacturing, purchasing, development, electronics recycling, and more. Today, some forward-thinking corporations have begun to establish C-level positions to oversee important global environmental programs.

The Carlyle Group has announced the appointment of a Chief Sustainability Officer. Former Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) engineer Jackie Roberts “will lead Carlyle’s global environmental, social and governance efforts (ESG) and work closely with portfolio companies to drive understanding and adoption of ESG principles,” according to a recent Carlyle press release.

The release also briefly highlighted some of Roberts’ experience:

“A 17-year veteran of EDF, Ms. Roberts has been active in emerging technologies and climate and energy issues as Director of Sustainable Technologies for the Washington-based nonprofit group, which works to solve the most critical environmental problems facing the planet. At EDF, she also launched the Corporate Partners Program in which the group worked with corporations including McDonald’s  and FedEx to marry business innovation with environmental strategy.  Ms. Roberts spent a year on corporate sustainability issues as a Senior Faculty Fellow at Harvard Business School.  She has also consulted on corporate environmental strategies and worked as an engineer for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.”

Dedicated to environmentally responsible data destruction and electronics and computer recycling, Securis commends The Carlyle Group on their commitment to sustainability with the recent hiring of Roberts.



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