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Posted Sep 26th, 2011

Securis CEO Mentioned in Post and Bloomberg Article on E-Waste

The EPA and GSA’s flirtation with new rules of engagement for e-recycling companies servicing government agencies has potential to bring major revenue kicks to the economy. Why? The $5 billion electronics recycling industry could pump big business, especially if the new requirements require recyclers to keep their scrap and recycling operations on the domestic home base. The article, originally posted in Bloomberg Government and picked up by Washington Post, also mentioned that there is a toss-up between certification programs. BAN’s e-Stewards program and Responsible Recycling (R2) are the two certifications that the EPA and GSA are currently considering; however, both have competing interests and philosophies ranging from business friendly standards to zero-export stringency. The federal interests to regulate e-waste are further complicated by the already existing state laws, in states like Maine, California, and Connecticut that have their own varying e-waste recycling requirements. Securis’s CEO, Jeremy Farber, was summoned by Bloomberg for his expert opinion on the matter. He mentioned in the article that he believes the requirements for the federal government would trickle down into the public sphere, which could potentially double the industry’s annual revenue. For Securis, this would provide a serious benefit, as its Zero-Export, Zero-Landfill policy would be supported by federal standards and regulations and ensure that our customers are in compliance. To read the full article in the Washington Post, click here.


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