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Posted Apr 14th, 2011

Free Residential Drop Off Day, One Year Anniversary

Free Residential Drop Off Day, One Year Anniversary


Securis Inc. celebrates the one year anniversary of the monthly Free Residential Drop Off Day which serves all surrounding counties in Maryland, Virginia, District of Columbia, and West Virginia. The event was started in July 2006 with less than two dozen participants. One year later, the drop off day has an average of 150 residents.

The idea for the drop off day event was conceived because Securis Inc. understands that most people are not aware of the need to properly recycle electronics. This event was designed to involve members of the community in the recycling process as well as provide a safe and cost effective way to get rid of electronic waste. For the past five years, PC Recycler has been collecting, inventorying, and recycling electronic waste for both large and small companies. The event is also an opportunity for the employees of the businesses we serve to participate in their own safe recycling practices.

Each month, a reminder is sent out to residents who have participated in the event in the past as well as new contacts who have expressed interest in recycling.

At the event, Securis Inc. takes anything considered to be “electronics” such as televisions, monitors, computers, audio and stereo equipment, VCRs, DVD players, video cameras, telephones, fax and copying machines, wireless appliances, cellular phones, video game consoles, or pretty much anything with a plug.

Improper disposal of personal computers can release your sensitive information to the wrong people. Securis can physically destroy hard drives while you wait and watch.

With the rapidly increasing resident participation, an average of about fifteen thousand pounds of electronic waste is recycled per month. The total amount to date is 202,420 pounds of recycled material with an average of 138 pounds per person. Securis hopes to continue to facilitate the success of this recycling program.

Resident participation continues to grow exponentially. By protecting the environment, you are also protecting yourself and your interests. Securis recycles 100% of all electronic waste received – nothing goes to the landfill.

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