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Posted Jun 19th, 2013

Getting Sued by India: Learning About Electronics “Freecycling” the Hard Way

True story: A very large (top 5) government contractor used Securis for electronics recycling.  One day they called and said they were switching providers.  The reason? The other provider was willing to pick up the company’s IT assets and recycle them free of charge.

Two years later they were back with Securis.  It turns out the company had been sued by India (the country) after the “freecycling” provider had dumped the gear in that country.  The IT assets were traced back to the government contractor by a major PC manufacturer’s tracking system after the gear was found burning in a landfill outside of a major Indian city.

This is not a “we told you so” story about the client who left and came back.  It is a strong warning about using providers who offer free recycling but lack the proper certifications (R2 and NAID) showing their commitment to proper, safe and legal electronics disposal and destruction.

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