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Posted Apr 14th, 2011

Green Biz Sees Green

Jeremy Farber brags that the only thing his Chantilly-based computer recycling business throws away is the dirt on the floor. With a dozen employees now, PC Recycler is one of the area leaders in computer recycling with an emphasis on security. “A lot of our clients are government contractors like Lockheed, Boeing and General Dynamics, so they want assurance their computer files are gone forever” says Jeremy, the CEO.


He has a warehouse in Chantilly now, but Jeremy started recycling computers in his native Albany, N.Y. in 2003. He was running two cell phone stores when he met a rep from Coca-Cola at an electronics trade show, who sold him a truckload of used computers for $1,000. Farber sold the parts on eBay and $80,000 later a business, originally named Securis, was born. “If a company as big as Coke had no plan for recycling computers I figured other big companies probably had the same problem.”

In 2005, Jeremy opened a second recycling plant in Chantilly and moved the company’s headquarters after his client base here continued to grow. To ensure security, Securis uses a magnet, or degausses it, to erase each hard drive before crushing it. The company reworks and resells the rest of the computer or dismantles it and sells the parts to steel processors.


Jeremy confesses to being an incurable business nut, watching an unhealthy amount of stock market reports on CNBC. His one great escape is airplanes. Jeremy received his private pilot’s license two years ago and flies out of the Manassas Airport. “It’s great when I fly to Richmond and see the traffic on 95 and know I’m not in it,” Jeremy tells us.


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