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Posted Dec 12th, 2012

How Securis Helped a Data Center Client Win New Government Business

We were pleased to reconnect recently with a former client who was VP of Operations at a secure data center that specialized in hosting sensitive Federal government systems and applications.  Securis (then Securis) served this data center/hosting firm for several years until they were acquired by a large data center/solutions firm.

What made us even more pleased was the anecdote our former client related to us about how Securis actually helped them win several major contract awards.

First some background: Because they had the most rigid processes and standards for hosting Federal systems (in fact, they were the first data center to adhere to the government’s FISMA-compliant standards), our data center client was routinely subjected to inspections and audits by prospective customers.

Our former client tells us that in several sales situations, the due diligence zeroed in on the subject of data destruction and IT equipment disposal, which was–and continues to be–one of the most overlooked parts of the IT asset lifecycle.  In both cases, the former client confidently showed the prospective customer the processes that Securis used to ensure that no sensitive data would ever leave the facility in any retrievable form.

Our client won both contracts and later found out that their “end of life” IT asset processes, powered by Securis, helped differentiate them in the customers’ eyes.

As more government organizations and private sector companies recognize the inherent risks during the final portion of the IT asset lifecycle, data centers, hosting providers and cloud computing companies must be prepared to demonstrate that they have sound processes in place.

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