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Posted Jan 2nd, 2013

In IT Asset Recycling and Data Destruction, an Innovation a Day Keeps Commoditization at Bay

The holiday season was a great time for reflection…so here are some reflections on where our business has taken us–or more accurately where our customers have taken us–over the last ten years.

When we started Securis in 2002, we were pioneers.  There were many computers and IT assets to be recycled (recycling being our primary business) and not too many service providers to help companies with proper disposal.  Over the last decade, our market has changed dramatically; factors such as Federal regulations, data security and protection and technology and, of course, the rapid evolution of the IT asset life cycle, have all helped fuel demand for our services.

Securis’ mission from the beginning was to remain market-driven.  And being market-driven means listening carefully to what your customers are saying and determining what types of innovations you must invest in to deliver the services and features that will address their challenges tomorrow.

Securis’ commitment to ongoing innovation (perhaps not each day as the headline of this article reads, but at least every few months) is why our service offerings and features in 2012 look almost nothing like what they did 10 or even 5 years ago.

In 2002, here’s essentially what Securis (then called Securis) looked like:

  • Truck for picking up customer equipment.
  • Warehouse space for processing customer equipment for recycling.
  • 1 Founder to bring in business and run operations.
  • 2 Operations staffers to process equipment.

Today, as we enter 2013, having only a truck and a shredder wouldn’t get us anywhere near in the door with most of our current clients.  The market is far too sophisticated.  We now sell to IT departments, some of whom have specialists in the field of “end-of-life” IT asset management.  So, as you’d imagine, our list of services and features looks somewhat different today:

End-to-End Auditing, Recycling & Destruction Process

Proven, Integrated Four-Step Process to Ensure Fully Secure, Responsible Destruction & Disposal

  • Degaussing
  • Shredding
  • Recycling
  • Auditing & Reporting

Hard Drive & Electronic Media Destruction

  • On-site IT Asset Shredding & Degaussing
  • Off-site IT Asset Shredding & Degaussing

IT Asset Removal, Disassembly & Recycling

  • Secure Collection & Transportation Bins
  • Trained Security Technicians
  • Environmentally-friendly Zero Export & Zero Landfill Policy

Full Chain of Custody IT Asset Reporting

  • Auditable Serial Number Inventory Provided to Client
  • Certificate of Recycling & Destruction Provided to Client
  • Weight Reporting
  • LEED Reporting

Certified & Approved Recycling Services

  • Industry-Leading R2 Certification — NEW
  • Mobile & Plant-based NAID Certification
  • GSA Approved
  • Certified by Defense Logistics Information Service

Compliance with Federal & State Laws & Regulations

  • HIPAA, HITECH, NIST 800-88
  • DOD, NSA
  • PCI Security Standard
  • Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act
  • Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions (FACTA)
  • Various Federal, State, & Local Laws

Trained Technicians

  • Intense & Ongoing Security Training
  • Pre-screening of Employees
  • Kroll® Background Checks
  • Drug Testing
  • Finger-printing

Secure Facilities

  • 24/7 Surveillance of Facility
  • Secure Access of Controls
  • Vehicle GPS Tracking
  • Two-way Mobile Communications

As you can see, a decade after our founding, it takes far more than just a truck and a shredder to handle our clients IT assets in the most secure and environmentally friendly manner.  You can also see how the list above tracks with the evolution of customers’ needs: First recycling, then data security, then the convenience of mobile (onsite) shredding, then tracking and reporting on all transactions, etc.

Our market-driven journey continues to be an exciting one, thanks to our clients. Securis looks forward to continuing to add innovative services and features to meet our clients’ needs over the next ten years and beyond.


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