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Posted May 3rd, 2011

Insight Into IT Spending

We recently uncovered the following article that we thought would be interesting to our customers and readers. The article sheds some positive insight and discovery about the state of IT spending and where companies are making those investments. The company that did the survey was Robert Half Technology. They contacted, by phone, 1400 CIOs that work at companies with 100 or more employees across the country.

The first thing that really stood out was the idea that most companies (7 out of 10 that were surveyed) are going to make capital IT investments. That indicates that the overall economy could be reaching a bottom and be poised for a turn around. That made us feel good, however, we are not really big time economists so our assumptions could be wrong.

The second noticeable point was the fact that 43% of the respondents plan to spend money on IT security. If we were able to talk to these different CIOs we would ask them if they had plan to make sure hard drives and tapes are shredded once they have reached the end of the life cycle.

If you have a second – check it out – it’s worth the read

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