Ensure Your IT Recycling Doesn’t End Up in a Landfill

When it comes to the disposal of retired eletronics, it’s important that they don’t end up in a landfill. Proper e-waste recycling and IT asset disposal prevents your information from falling in to the wrong hands and ensures that you’re operating correctly in the eyes of the law.

Computers, monitors, keyboards, copiers, phones and other electronic devices contain materials that are harmful to the environment. Data that remains on hard drives and IT equipment leaves organizations open to data breaches. Illegal disposal can end up with expensive lawsuits and an embarrassing media story. You don’t want to get caught in any of these situations, and that’s why we’re here.

Securis is compliant with all federal, state, and local laws for proper IT recycling. We can even come to your door and pick up IT assets ready for disposal. While we’re there, we are also able to securely destroy all hard drives, cell phones and other data-containing equipment.

If you have a small IT recycling project or typically operate on-the-go, simple call and schedule to drop items off at our facility.

Why Choose IT Recycling Services with Securis?

Electronics and IT assets contain a wide range of materials, some of which can be hazardous to you and the environment. Modern electronics contain mercury, lead, arsenic and other materials that have stringent recycling and disposal requirements, and those requirements can differ based on state and federal laws.

Securis learns these IT asset disposal and e-waste recycling laws and adheres to all requirements so you don’t have to any more. Our experts can properly process all of your IT recycling, providing you with the forms and information you need to satisfy your customers, partners, internal auditors and local regulators.

Don’t get hit with unnecessary fees, fines or lawsuits. Choose Securis for simple, safe and secure IT recycling every time.

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Schedule Your E-Waste Recycling

Whether you require a large, all-day IT recycling and hard drive shredding crew at your facility or need to schedule a time to drop equipment off, our trained staff at 866-509-7250 can find the right solution for you.

Securis can also provide a complete inventory record, asset tracking, weight reporting, secure collection bins at your facility and a Certificate of Recycling and Destruction. We’ll keep you compliant with all relevant laws and ensure you that no data can be recovered from the IT assets we destroy.

Securis is the only e-waste partner you need for a no-landfill, no risk IT recycling and data destruction. Contact us today and find your peace of mind.

To find the Securis office nearest you, click here.


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