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Posted Jan 29th, 2014

Laptops Earmarked for Electronics Recycling Stolen: A WBJ Article

Earlier this week, The Washington Business Journal published the latest large-company data breach story: Coca-Cola: Stolen Laptops Had Personal Information of 74,000. Here’s an excerpt: 

Coca-Cola Co. said on Friday that personal information on as many as 74,000 employees, contractors and suppliers were on laptops that it said were temporarily stolen from its Atlanta headquarters. 

The beverage giant told its U.S. and Canadian employees the data on the laptops, which wasn’t encrypted, included names, Social Security numbers and addresses, as well as details like financial compensation and ethnicity.

The article goes on to explain that the laptops were stolen by a former employee who was responsible for equipment disposal, and that although policy requires laptops to be encrypted, the stolen ones had not yet been encrypted.  Coca-Cola is offering paid identity-theft protection to their workers – a costly and avoidable expense.

When storing end-of-life IT assets, it’s important for companies to recognize the vulnerability of any accessible data. Securis encourages you to store your retired assets properly until the hard drives are shredded or degaussed.

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