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Posted Apr 14th, 2011

Largest eCycling Event in Fairfax Co. History

In freezing temperatures, Securis, Inc. and Cox Communications together held the largest computer recycling event in Fairfax County history. On January 17, 2009, 841 cars pulled up to Cox’s Northern Virginia headquarters and dropped off over 117,000 pounds in a four hour span.

The collected recyclables ranged from miscellaneous electronic wires to old big-screen televisions. Residents from Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia took advantage of this partnered event to get rid of their obsolete electronics as well as find out more information on the Digital Television (DTV) Transition. For the event visitors, Securis and Cox wanted to provide an educational experience as well as an opportunity to recycle. Cox staff was on hand to explain the switch in broadcasting methods – from analog to all-digital. It was an especially opportune time for residents to get rid of their analog televisions and those old rabbit ear antennas.

Securis staff, including CEO Jeremy Farber and EVP Jeff Farber, were at the event ensuring that no question was left unanswered and no computer was left unrecycled. Securis and Cox worked together to make sure that every car was assisted properly. The staff was well-met with gratitude from the residents who were just so happy to find a solution to responsibly and domestically recycle their old electronics. Each car that lined up brought in about 150 pounds.  Securis Inc. is dedicated to extending its resources to residents of all areas who wish to securely recycle their personal electronics in a way that does not harm the environment. All of the recyclables were processed at Securis’s Chantilly, VA warehouse.  Securis regularly provides a resource for residential recycling: the monthly collection event. More than two million pounds of residential electronics have been collected at our Chantilly, VA location since Community Collection’s inception in 2005.

“This was an extremely well-attended event which exceeded all of our expectations. It was a huge triumph – not for Securis or Cox Communications, but for the betterment of the environment. This event alone prevented thousands of pounds of electronics from ever seeing a landfill or going overseas to some third world recycling center. We hope that all of the first-time recyclers that showed up will spread the good word,” said Jeremy Farber.

Securis would like to thank Cox Communications for a successful partnered event and their continued support of electronics recycling.  “This type of corporate responsiably shown by Cox Communications is an example for all large corporations.  Electronic waste is the fastest growing waste stream in the world.  Cox Communications recognized this and responded.  Corporate America needs more of these types of companies,” said Farber.

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