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Posted Feb 11th, 2016

Love and Calculating Data Breach Risk

Let's shred hard drives candy heartHappy Valentine’s Day!  Here at Securis, we love our customers even more than we love chocolate (it’s true, we do). To show our appreciation, we’ve come up with some amazing Q1 specials that are guaranteed to make your heart (and your wallet) happy. Give us a call at (800) 731-1909 and we’ll fill you in.

Know what else we love? Cool gadgets, like this Data Breach Risk Calculator, brought to you by Ponemon and powered by IBM.

Check it out – you enter information such as where you’re located, whether you have encryption, and the size of your organization and this tool will calculate the average cost per record, your average cost per breach, and tell you how likely it is for your company to experience a data breach based on companies in your industry with similar risk profiles. Plus, it’s free.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Don’t forget to ask us about our Q1 specials!  

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