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Posted May 3rd, 2011

Monthly Collection Gets Paper Shredding

If you thought our monthly residential computer recycling event couldn’t get any better, think again. Besides all the friendly greetings and helpful staff unloading your car and the fact that we do it even when it’s raining, we thought that we would add one more service to our monthly event. Securis is now offering on site paper shredding while you watch. Over the last three years of our monthly collection event, we’ve had many people ask us about recycling and shredding paper for the people of Fairfax county and the surrounding areas. Well you don’t have to wait any longer. Starting in March, we are working with a local paper shredding and recycling company that will have their truck on site to shred paper for our customers. You can now bring all of your old bills, checks and tax returns to be professionally shredded while you watch.

If you have never seen a paper shredding truck in action, it’s worth the trip. The truck actually has a little camera mounted inside so you can see the giant shredders in action. It is really awesome to see all of those canceled checks get chopped up into little pieces.

While we wish we could offer the service for free, it seems like “free” just isn’t part of world we live in these days. The cost to shred your paper is $10 per bankers box. “What’s a bankers box?” A bankers box is about 10″x12″x15″. Basically, you can put a lot of old tax returns into the box and bring it over to our monthly event!

The shred truck will be part of our monthly collection event for the next year.

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