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Posted Apr 14th, 2011

MVLE and Securis Team Up for the Community

MVLE was an organization founded in 1971 by concerned parents of adult individuals with disabilities. These parents were seeking to create opportunities for their children beyond the special education they had completed in their high schools. Now, its purpose to create opportunities for people with disabilities to successfully participate in community life has not changed. Growth and change has occurred because of the improvement of their methods and environments through which MVLE has created such opportunities.

Among these opportunities is the ability to receive training and experience in a real-life work environment. These individuals are now working in different work climates according to their skills and interests. MVLE’s growth has expanded their focus from center-based services into community businesses, where training and support take place on the job, in the context of small, supported employment groups.

Within the last month, a team of individuals from MVLE have been added to PC Recycler’s workforce. It has been Securis’s effort to encourage community work programs in order to boost involvement and reach out to the community.

This experience allows them to gauge the levels of expectations for their work and productivity. Securis gladly facilitates opportunities for those in MVLE to expand their horizons for the future.

Below is a letter from the desk of MVLE, Inc. President April Pinch Keeler:

Securis and MVLE have teamed up to bring a community together, with a common goal in mind…recycle and keep the world “GREEN.”

Securis has stepped outside the box to explore a new demographic of employees. They are people like you and me, which happen to have disabilities, which in most cases would have kept them from being employed. By joining forces with MVLE, Securis has put opportunity into the hands of the intellectually challenged and has gained a Motivated, Valuable, Loyal group of Employees. Together, we have found that skill and productivity are the front runners of a well-oiled machine as found within the Securis warehouse. We are able to meet both parties’ needs by:

  • providing productive employees;
  • keeping the planet Green;
  • meeting PC Recyclers outreach and commitment to the community; and
  • employing people with disabilities.

MVLE is a not-for-profit organization that works to “Create Futures, one Person at a Time” for people with disabilities through employment and support services. Companies like Securis allow these employment opportunities to happen. MVLE works with each company to find employees needed to get the job done and get it done right!  I would like to take this opportunity to thank Securis for looking beyond the disability and seeing a person who wants to be employed.

Please visit to learn more about our organization.


April Pinch Keeler

President, MVLE, Inc.

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