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Posted Apr 10th, 2013

NAID Editorial on Redefining Secure Destruction

Here is a good editorial in Storage and Destruction Business magazine by Bob Johnson, CEO of the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID).

The article discusses a common perception regarding “data destruction,” which is to define it as a shredder or shredding process, without considering the many additional features and processes, including logistics, tracking, reporting and–at Securis–the plethora of security measures and expertise that “wrap around” the core shredding and recycling processes.

An Ambitious Plan to Redefine Secure Destruction

I have told the story many times. I had traveled half way around the world to make several presentations in Europe. After being introduced to speak to a group of business professionals in Warsaw, Poland, I noticed a hand in the air before I even spoke. As translated, the question was: “With all due respect, was there no one closer than Arizona who could talk to us about shredding?”

Although that happened almost eight years ago, it marked the beginning of the thought process that led to the association’s recently launched NAID ’em campaign. In general, people think of data destruction as the act of shredding or, in the case of IT assets, wiping. Like the lady in Warsaw, they see it as a very simple process, one that certainly does not require an expert.

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