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Posted Aug 26th, 2016

New Non-Toxic Formula for Leaching Electronic Waste

Mineworx has announced a new leaching formula called HM X to remove precious metals including platinum, gold, silver and palladium from circuit boards. HM X is environmentally-friendly and completely safe. Duane Nelson, the company’s CEO, claims that “you could essentially drink this.”

Traditional leaching processes include the use of cyanide which produces toxic waste water and dangerous gases. Additionally, cyanide is slower than HM X in recovering metal from e-waste and has been banned in certain US states and South American and European countries.

The formula can also be applied to extracting metals from ores, concentrates and tailings, although Nelson said he sees great potential in e-scrap. “E-scrap is very, very rich in precious metals compared to standard ore,” he said. “I see e-waste as some of the low-hanging fruit.”

The HM X-leach formula

Mineworx’s HM X formula is made of food-grade, organic ingredients and is reusable. Being reusable is key as the ingredients are more expensive than cyanide. Being able to recycle much of the liquid will allow for a greener, more cost-effective precious metal leaching process.

“The HM X-leach formula was the product of about two decades of research by a researcher who “tried everything under the sun to get this to work,” Nelson said. Mineworx then bought the technology and has filed a US patent in July of this year.

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