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Posted Apr 14th, 2011

New York Kicks Off Free Electronics Recycling Drop Off

Securis NE, Inc. has started up a FREE Electronics Recycling Day at their warehouse in Watervliet, New York. The drop off day will take place the second Saturday of each month, starting in May 2007. The event is free to residential customers. Additional information about the drop off day can be found on our Recycling Drop Off Day page.

This event is designed to involve members of the community in the recycling process as well as provide a safe and cost effective way to get rid of electronic waste. Each month, a reminder is sent out to residents who have expressed interest in electronics recycling.

The parent company, Securis Inc. in Virginia, created this event early last year. In April 2006, Securis created a Free Drop Off Day for all residents of Virginia, including surrounding counties in Maryland and the District of Columbia. At first, a few dozen residents showed up with their share of electronics to recycle. In the past year of the free drop off program’s existence, the average number of residents participating in the event has gone from two dozen to about one hundred. With the rapidly increasing resident participation, an average of about ten thousand pounds of electronic waste is recycled per month. Projected weights for upcoming recycling events are predicted to be close to forty thousand pounds. Resident participation continues to grow exponentially.

Securis NE, Inc. hopes to have the same kind of response from the residents of New York and the surrounding counties. Securis strives to educate the public about advantages of recycling.

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