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Posted Nov 25th, 2020

The Foods that Make Thanksgiving Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving not looking the same for many families this year, we had a Securis group chat about which foods make Thanksgiving feel most like Thanksgiving. One of the things that’s really cool about Securis

Posted Nov 13th, 2020

Dan Mattock Celebrates 10 Years with Securis

“I’ve really enjoyed seeing people get hired as entry level technicians or warehouse workers and advance to senior level managers,” says Dan Mattock, Executive Vice President of Sales at Securis reflecting on his 10 years

Posted Oct 30th, 2020

Securis Recycled 20,000 Pound of E-Waste at Community Event

Securis is dedicated to its clients and to the communities that it serves. That was evident during an event in Broadlands, VA. During the event, Securis was able to collect and recycle 20,000 pounds of

Posted Oct 13th, 2020

Securis is a Computer Recycling Leader in North Carolina

If the secret to real estate is “location, location, location,” then the secret for providing exemplary service to customers should be “local, local, local.” Being local, responsive, and available is one of the key reasons

Posted Sep 22nd, 2020

When Should You Use A Degausser?

Remember back in the 80s and 90s the care, time, and effort it took to make a mixtape? Sure, the hard work was worth it to have all your favorite songs of the moment on