Where Can I Recycle Old Computers?

Do you have old computers sitting around taking up space? As a refurbisher, re-integrator, and data destruction firm, Securis knows how important the proper handling of end-of-life electronics is for you, your business, and the environment. 

While old computers may be just barely functional, they can’t compete with what’s on the market, leaving consumers stuck with old and unusable equipment. This is where Securis comes in – we can assist with asset disposition and e-waste recycling.

recycle old computers

Not only can we help you get rid of old computers and laptops, but we also pick up items in bulk from your location. If you’ve been holding onto PCs that only run Windows 97, we will take them off your hands and ethically recycle them without anything going into landfills. In addition to recycling these electronics, we will properly erase data, confidential information, and sensitive data providing you with the peace of mind that your e-waste was properly handled. (lots of link opportunities here)

If data security is at the forefront of your mind, we provide various data destruction services to help keep your private information secure. Our services can be provided on or off-site with our mobile shredding service. All of our services include hard drive and solid state drive destruction. Services always include landfill-free and no-export equipment recycling.

Risks of Not Properly Disposing of E-Waste

A typical PC with several circuit boards can hold up to eight pounds of lead and other measurable amounts of toxic metals. When these items aren’t properly disposed of,  toxic chemicals end up in the environment. This affects what we breathe, drink, and process. Not recycling electronics properly means that they can lead to very dangerous illnesses like cancer, lung damage, and seizures. 


At Securis, we have protocols to keep toxic metals and chemicals out of our air. They guarantee that all e-waste is properly disposed of. Our services include physical destruction, as well as data erasure as needed. 

The future of the global environment is up to us, and Securis can help your company reduce its carbon footprint. We are committed to recycling 100% of everything we receive. Securis does not export electronics to places like China, India, and Africa in order to remain compliant with the Basel Action Network and our R2 certification. 

Securis will also help you get rid of newer, but not quite up-to-par electronics. We understand how important it is for your business to stay up to date on the latest tech trends, which is why we have our refurbishment program in place. 

If you have a computer that’s only five years old, but you recently upgraded it, we can still help you properly dispose of it. You may even qualify to earn money from these types of electronics. If you think your retired equipment has value, please contact us for a complimentary consultation. 

Computers that are in working order may be re-sold after proper data wiping to help continue a commitment to a green product life cycle. At the end of the day, our goal is to reduce any waste possible, and refurbishment is a great way to do that. 

Prior to upcycling any equipment, all hard drives, solid state drives, and other data-containing devices are extracted and pulverized, guaranteeing complete data security. Our mission is to keep your data secure and the planet as clean as possible

At Securis, we’re ready to help with electronic recycling needs from the start of the product lifecycle until the end. We’re excited to help you get rid of any electronic waste you may have. Our hard drive shredding services, refurbishment program, and commitment to keeping all materials out of landfills.


Why Does Size Matter For SSD Shredding?

Solid State Drives (SSDs) hold massive amounts of data and can be an alternative to the traditional hard disk drive. SSDs store data on memory chips rather than storing information on spinning platters. While they are more efficient for companies since they have no moving parts, are smaller, last longer, and consume less energy, they pose some risks when it comes to destroying the data on solid state drives.

You may be wondering, “Can I degauss an SSD?” Based on our experience, we’ve learned how to best destroy SSDs. One of our standards in a traditional data destruction process is degaussing, which does not work on SSDs. Degaussing is the best practice for traditional hard drives since it can reduce and eliminate information with magnets. A degaussed HD looks the same as one that hasn’t been degaussed, so we recommend shredding them too.

Shred Size is Key to Proper Destruction 

Most standard industrial shredders shred to 1-inch particles, which is still too large when it comes to the proper destruction of SSDs. SSD chips are typically 2.5 inches to 3.5 inches in size and can slip through the hammers of your standard hard drive shredder. The memory chips need to be broken into a particle size of less than ½ inch. 

At Securis, we have a proprietarily engineered master microshredder that can turn your SSDs into 2mm e-crumbs, as recommended by the NSA. This is significantly smaller than the minimum size of ½ inch. Our microshredder pulverizes SSDs, flash drives, and other small devices like cell phone SIM cards to best keep your information secure. The shred width is less than that of a spaghetti noodle. 

ssd shredding

SSDs often hold very sensitive data such as corporate financial information, medical records, and state secrets. 2mm is the necessary size for the physical destruction of these devices to prevent any data recovery. This size was determined after analysts at the NSA examined the shreds to make sure they were inaccessible. 

Oftentimes, our clients need a certificate of destruction to prove that these pieces were properly destroyed, and we provide that for them. In fact, the turn-around time that clients receive Securis’ inventory reports and certificate of destruction is a large part of what sets us above the competition. 

Our microshredder has the ability to come to you on-site. This helps prevent any chain of custody issues that your company may face when it comes to data or media destruction. We have the ability to shred thousands of pounds of metals and plastics per hour. If you need to see your electronic equipment physically destroyed, this is a great solution for you!

The ability the microshredder has to render any data unusable is key for data destruction in many companies and government agencies. These can often easily be removed from a laptop or computer          If that’s the case and the rest of the equipment is not salvageable, we ensure total recycling of those products. Securis is dedicated to recycling and is committed to never sending anything to landfills. 

Securis understands how important it is to properly destroy sensitive data, and this is one of our top priorities. At Securis, we provide you with an auditable, trackable, link to inventory lists or similar and indisputable inventory record of each SSD that is destroyed. This includes a data destruction certificate that proves your data was properly destroyed.

As technology continues to evolve, our destruction and security methods need to keep up. This is why we are passionate about giving our customers peace of mind when it comes to their data security with proper solid state drive destruction.


What is a Certificate of Data Destruction?

A certificate of data destruction and recycling proves that data on retired electronic equipment was destroyed to NAID standards. Securis provides them to our clients for their IT-asset auditing purposes

Securis is a classified data destruction service for both on and off-site destruction services. This certificate is a legal document of performance that can be used for auditing. This is a need for many local municipalities, federal agencies, and other compliance standards. 

certificate of data destruction

Securis’ data destruction and e-waste recycling services ease your burden by providing a fully audited, managed, and secure computer and data destruction program. We meet the requirements required by the Department of Defense, the National Security Agency, and the Defense Logistics Information Service.

When you choose Securis, you choose security. We process your data with your security and protection at the forefront of our minds. Our storage bins and trucks remained locked throughout the collection process. This prevents access to your end-of-life technology prior to destruction.

When equipment arrives at our facilities, we scan each individual asset and inventory all of it. If any of the equipment does not have a serial number, we tag it to keep a record. We use a proprietary data collection software and handheld scanners for audit and accountability purposes. 

No Third-Party Data Access

We provide you with a full inventory of everything given to Securis without any third parties having access to your records.

This information is stored on a secure server indefinitely unless specified otherwise. 

After that, your sensitive data is destroyed in an agreed-upon way, be that on-site, off-site, degaussed, or shredded. Through the data destruction process, we take extra steps to ensure that all data is wiped to ensure your data security. We will provide a certificate of destruction for your electronics once the data has been properly destroyed. This applies to both large projects, like data centers, and smaller projects, like hard drives and SSDs.

We understand that you may need to see the physical destruction of your e-waste. This is why we developed the ability to either shred or microshred your equipment on-site with mobile shredding. 

Microshredding destroys physical equipment by pulverizing it to less than the NSA recommended 2mm particles. This is especially beneficial for smaller items that cannot be degaussed or destroyed with a standard hard drive shredder. 

hard drive data destruction

If you don’t need to see your equipment destroyed, we can provide the same services off-site at our facilities. Either way, after the completion of your project, a certificate of destruction can be issued for your auditing purposes. 

We know how important it is to properly destroy any confidential information that your company may collect. From HIPAA violations to government secrets, we know that information needs to be protected which is why our services exist. This certificate of destruction can protect you from any liabilities where these may be of concern.