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As part of our commitment to the community to providing ultra-secure data destruction and environmentally-friendly IT asset disposal, check out some of our articles below on the latest technology and research on electronic recycling, degaussing, hard-drive shredding and more!

How Businesses Should Recycle Electronics and Other Items

Montgomery County, Maryland's Department of Environmental Protection recently held a live webinar discussing how businesses should recycle electronics and other items.

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How Securis Identifies Employees who Lead, Thrive, and Innovate

At Securis, diversity isn’t just a buzzword.

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ITAD Company Securis Benefits from Workforce Diversity

From the very beginning, Securis has prided itself on its commitment to diversity – not just in words, but in actions and in the values that the company lives by every day.

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Destroying SSDs: Drive Type Matters

Solid State Drives (SSDs) are a vital component of the machines we rely on.

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Data destruction: Why you need NAID

By Ben Rothke Have you heard of NAID? Ben Rothke says those four letters are important to your organization's ability to deliver security, privacy, and compliance.

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Why You Need to Recycle More Hardware in Today’s Cloud World

Posted Jan 27th, 2016

Every time we accidentally trash a file, it feels like magic when the IT staff can recover it for us in just a few moments. But, as a business owner it’s import......

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60 Minutes Video on an Electronics Landfill in Guiyu

Posted Jan 19th, 2016

This 60 Minutes Video on an Electronics Landfill in Guiyu illustrates how the town has become a dumping place for very toxic e-waste. In Guiyu, they burn the wast......

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Data Destruction Franchise Owner Featured on CBS Local

Posted Nov 19th, 2015

Central Maryland Securis franchise owner Hugh McLaurin has been featured on CBS Local. McLaurin shares advice for others looking to enter the data destruction fie......

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Securis and 6th graders – What’s the Deal?

Posted Nov 13th, 2015

Securis and 6th graders – What’s the deal?  A group of enthusiastic 6th graders recently visited the Chantilly VA location of Securis operations, after signi......

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Why Recycle Electronics?

Posted Apr 15th, 2015

A large part of the Securis mission is our commitment to proper IT recycling and ensuring that our customer’s retired electronics (and our own) never end up in ......

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Data Destruction & E-Recycling in New Jersey

Posted Apr 9th, 2015

For years, IT asset disposal has been considered a logistical and operational challenge.  However, due to the explosion of data breaches associated with lost, st......

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Securis is Giving Back To The Community

Posted Nov 10th, 2014

Securis is a big believer in giving back to the community and regularly participates in fundraisers and public events.  NBC News recently interviewed us about o......

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Featured on Technical.ly Baltimore

Posted Aug 27th, 2014

Securis franchise owners George Parks and Daniel Dodd, who own and operate the data destruction and electronics recycling facility in Baltimore, Maryland were in......

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MD Franchise Owner's ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Posted Aug 25th, 2014

Thursday, August 21, we participated in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. That day, we were pleased to see that this incredible movement had raised $41.8 million.......

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