Recognizing the Securis Employee of the Month

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Jul 22nd, 2020



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June’s employee of the month award was given to Lawrence Nicholson, a Securis warehouse worker in the disassembly division. Lawrence works hard and has fun while doing so, which is one of Securis’ core values. He is upbeat, courteous, and professional, and has great chemistry with the staff in the warehouse as well as staff in the front office. He exemplifies “helps first” — another of the company’s core values — by helping other departments as needed. Over the past few months, he’s done a great job helping the service team by going to job sites to shred hard drives and recycle retired IT assets.

According to Lawrence’s manager, Rida Ibrahim, “Lawrence is gaining a lot of experience, is extremely professional, and is always willing to help other Securis employees out. He’s a valuable member of the team and definitely deserves the employee of the month award.”

Lawrence is originally from Maryland and has been with Securis for almost one year. We asked him what his favorite hobby is and whether he’d like to share anything else. He said “My favorite hobby is football and playing with my kids. And I love this company, they are great people and great management and the best thing about Securis is that this is a diverse group. We treat each other fairly and we respect each other — I love it!!! I’m always happy. Finally, thank you to this company for giving me the employee of the month award, it shows that they really appreciate me and will never stop. God bless.”

Congratulations, Lawrence! Securis appreciates you!

Securis’ Core Values

  1. Helps First – Put the team first
  2. Fun – always have fun and make people laugh
  3. Hungry – Have big goals and want to conquer the world
  4. Humbly Confident – Be Humble, but be confident also
  5. Work-Life Harmony – Both are important but must be in balance
  6. Positive – have a positive attitude
  7. Innovative – Nothing’s carved in stone, Question Everything, Look for new ways