Securis and 6th graders – What’s the Deal?

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Nov 13th, 2015



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Securis and 6th graders – What’s the deal?  A group of enthusiastic 6th graders recently visited the Chantilly VA location of Securis operations, after signing some serious paperwork, to learn more about e-waste management. This group of five students, participating in the First Lego League Robotics competition, was on task to learn more about e-waste, and how it’s handled and disposed of.

They were given quite the VIP treatment complete with safety glasses and gloves and put straight to work dismantling some old computers previously stripped of all data components. Needless to say, while learning quite a bit about their research topic, these kids earned bragging rights at school!

Students: Anoushka Upadhye, Neha Regi, Rohan Regi, Sean Gillen, and Kylie Gillen




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