Off-Site Electronic Shredding

Securis provides a comprehensive list of end-to-end IT asset disposal services performed at our secure, access controlled facilities, including hard drive shredding, data destruction and e-waste recycling. Recycling and data destruction plans can be tailored to each organization’s needs, using any or all of Securis’ certified processing techniques.

The secure process begins at the client’s location, where Securis’ professionally trained and certified staff members:

  • Tag and inventory, based upon serial number, all electronics slated for destruction or recycling to establish a chain of custody.
  • Record all serial numbers of processed and destroyed items for audit and accountability purposes.
  • Load all materials to be securely transported in a Securis GPS-traceable truck.

Once a client’s electronics are brought to one of Securis’ processing facilities:

  • A client-approved, Zero Landfill recycling plan is then executed.
  • A full inventory list is then provided to each client.
  • A Certificate of Destruction, a nationally recognized legal document of performance, is signed by a Securis officer and provided to each client.

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