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Posted May 3rd, 2011

Old Hard Drives Get Sculpted

Do you wonder what to do with your old hard drives? Certainly, hard drives from end-of-life computers and servers should never be discarded thoughtlessly — but what are your options? The most secure option for effectively managing your hard drives is shredding your storage devices which includes everything from hard drives to thumb drives. Learn more about Securis’s data destruction services.

Some people find alternative ways reuse and recycle their hard drives. Priya Ganapati of tells the story of Miguel Rivera, a systems administrator, who is one of those people who got creative with the hard drive disposal process. He took a pile of old, used hard drives and produced works of art.

The most complex of Rivera’s creations is a robot he calls his masterpiece. It took about two weeks to create. The robot is made of 14 laptop hard drives with 18 additional discs from gutted hard drives and spare parts.

See more of Rivera’s creations at

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