On-Site Electronics Media Shredding

Securis’ mobile on-site electronics media shredding provides quiet, speedy, and secure shredding services of hard drives, cell phones, backup tapes, DLT, LTO, thumb drives, and other data storage devices. Performing on-site electronics media shredding at the client’s location enables their personnel to witness the process take place, thus maintaining the highest level of security and eliminating any chain of custody dilemmas. The process guarantees that all parties are aware of where each drive, phone, server, and component are at all times.

On-Site Electronics Media Shredding Keeps Data Safe

Businesses, governments, and government agencies require complete transparency and a guarantee that data on old electronics is not able to be retrieved after its destruction. Securis’ degaussing, on-site electronics media shredding, off-site e-waste shredding, and their microshredding technology ensure the proper data destruction method for companies and agencies of all sizes.

Securis’ on-site electronics media shredding services can shred thousands of pounds of metal and plastic per hour. The Securis hard drive shredding process has been independently verified and audited based on the industry’s best practices. Securis is certified by NAID and R2 and is committed to protecting data while remaining environmentally-friendly throughout the process. Each project will receive a certificate of data destruction once it’s complete, and customers will receive an audit-ready IT inventory list.

Nothing Ends Up in a Landfill

After the on-site hard drive shredding process has been completed, all destroyed materials are then securely transported back to one of Securis’ processing facilities to undergo the firm’s Zero Landfill, Zero Export treatment. Securis does not export hazardous materials to third-world countries. The company’s certifications mean that Securis has passed intense audits of their facilities, staff, electronics recycling, and data destruction processes (and continues to be visited for regular audits).

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