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Posted Apr 14th, 2011

Securis Announces Secure Data Destruction Contract

CHANTILLY, VA – Securis (Securis), a nationally-recognized data destruction and electronics recycling firm for federal, local, and state government as well as businesses, would like to announce the agreement to provide data shredding solutions to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The Internal Revenue Service has amassed 335,000 pieces of electronic data storage devices that need to be destroyed according to NIST Special Publication 800?88—requiring that all residual magnetic, optical, or electrical representation of data that has been deleted is completely irrecoverable and irretrievable. The contract’s duration is one year from contract start date with an option to extend to a second year.

There are several pieces at play in this process to ensure complete security and compliancy. Securis security technicians have undergone rigorous background investigations through the Personal Identity Verification of Federal Employees and Contractors. Securis’s mobile data destruction solution has the capabilities to cater to individual client needs. Securis has developed a scope of work capable of meeting all the IRS criteria—which includes adhering to government standards. All shredding will be performed on-site at an undisclosed IRS location.

Securis estimates that the devices to be shredded will generate about one hundred thousand pounds of recyclable material. The metal and plastic scraps of formerly sensitive information will be domestically incinerated or refined in an environmentally-sound manner for energy production.

Securis mobile, on-site secure shredding unit has been equipped to be highly efficient and unobtrusive in almost any environment. Securis has the capacity of shredding 1000lbs of metal or 500 standard hard drives per hour by using a 4,000lb dual-shaft shredder. This unit is specifically designed to handle shredding of hard drives, tapes, compact discs, floppy disks, and cell phones.

Jeff Farber, Vice President of Securis, comments, “With our focus on complete security as well as our expertise in data destruction, Securis is excited about receiving this contract to assist the IRS in their duty to comply with government regulations and standards. It clearly demonstrates the continued commitment from the US Government to support the security of all Americans’ personal information and it strengthens our confidence that the option to procure services to properly manage 300,000+ units will be implemented.”

For more information about Securis’s data destruction processes, visit “What do I need to know about data destruction services?”

About Securis
Securis is an emerging leader in information technology waste management and data destruction. With its headquarters is in Chantilly, VA, Securis has been a provider of recycling and data destruction services to large and small corporations, municipalities, and private institutions for five years. Securis has taken a different approach from most waste management companies by utilizing an innovative cost effective formula in helping companies with the disposal of their electronic waste.

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