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Posted Apr 14th, 2011

Securis CEO Appears on Delegate Ken Plum’s “Virginia Report”

Delegate Ken Plum’s “Virginia Report” airs on Reston Comcast television every week. Securis’s CEO, Jeremy Farber, will appear on the “Virginia Report” on Tuesday, October 23rd. Mr. Farber will be interviewed by Delegate Ken Plum on environmental and security issues of computer recycling.

PC Recycler, founded five years ago, specializes in data destruction solutions. The company continues to provide data destruction and electronics recycling services that exceed environmental standards to corporations, municipalities, and private institutions. They do so in a cost effective environmental manner using a zero landfill policy. Securis maintains strict non-disclosure principles and confidentially safeguards its customers from unwanted exposure from data.

The “Virginia Report” focuses on providing useful information and insights on important issues affecting Virginia and its residents. The topic of show will be “Recycling for Our Safety, Security, and the Environment”.

“PC Recycler strives to protect the security of all customers in any industry. I look forward to having an insightful and informative interview with Delegate Ken Plum. We will be discussing the work of Securis and the importance of safe data destruction and electronics recycling,” says CEO Jeremy Farber.

Jeremy Farber’s interview on Delegate Ken Plum’s local cablecast, “Virginia Report,” will be airing on Tuesday, Oct. 23 at 7:30 p.m. and Wednesday, Oct. 24 at 10:30 p.m.


About PC Recycler


Securis is an emerging leader in information technology waste management, data destruction, and recycling. Its headquarters is in Chantilly, VA with another location in Albany, NY. Securis has been a provider of recycling services to large and small corporations, municipalities, and private institutions for five years. Securis has taken a different approach from most waste management companies by utilizing an innovative cost effective formula in helping companies with the disposal of their electronic waste.

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