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Posted Apr 14th, 2011

Securis Introduces Mobile Degausser

CHANTILLY, VA – April 15, 2010 – Securis, Inc. (Securis) introduces a new mobile data security solution – the Data Security HPM-1 Degausser. The HPM-1 Degausser meets National Security Agency (NSA) requirements for purging classified information on hard drive media. Along with hard drives, this degausser also accepts floppy disks, zip disks, and tape media including DLT, LTO, 8mm and DDS. This machine is a high-performance destruction device which can operate in virtually any type of environment because it requires no power.

Vital Highlights of the HPM-1 Degausser:

• Fast Cycle Time – 15 seconds!
• Extended Lifecycle
• Guaranteed Security Made Simple (NSA Certified)

Securis selected the HPM-1 because not only is it one of the best destruction devices in the industry but it is also helpful in reducing your carbon footprint. A premier electronics recycling and data destruction firm like Securis is concerned with the environmental features of any tools in its arsenal. The HPM-1 does not use any energy so it is useful in reducing Securis’s carbon footprint.

Utilizing this particular device allows you to degauss any type of accepted media in a matter of seconds. This simple operation takes only a few seconds per piece to ensure that any organization is keeping pace with advancing data storage technology. Also, the HPM-1 generates one of the strongest magnetic fields of any degausser manufactured which translates into a guaranteed effective data solution. Securis will be offering the Data Security HPM-1 Degausser as a part of its mobile on-site data destruction services.

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