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Posted Sep 7th, 2012

Securis is Now Securis

Reflecting Our Intense Focus on the Market’s Demand for Enhanced Security in End-of-Life IT Asset Disposal

To Our Valued Customers:

For nearly a decade, Securis has had the pleasure of serving businesses in the DC area market with electronics recycling and data destruction services. And this market has evolved. While the focus on environmentally responsible disposal of electronics and IT assets has remained high, our enterprise and government clients have increased their emphasis on security–specifically this means an ultra-secure, leak-proof, compliant and documented chain of custody for end-of-life IT assets.

Simply put, as our customers have recognized more risk in handling all types of data and IT assets–their requirements have become more stringent, and our services more sophisticated.

Securis has kept pace with this market shift by enhancing and innovating its service offering to include higher capacity, industrial strength hard drive shredding machines; degaussers which remove all traces of data through demagnetization; end-to-end auditing and tracking to give customers confidence that their IT assets are gone for good–and dozens of other features such as GPS-enabled trucks and enhanced customer reporting.

What’s in a Name?

We have changed our name to Securis from Securis to more accurately reflect our position in the market: Our old name implied a narrow focus on one type of IT asset (PC’s) and one type of service (recycling). This was appropriate at our inception 10 years ago, but is no longer the reality.

Today, Securis’ IT asset auditing, recycling and destruction services are part of our clients’ IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) and IT Asset Management (ITAM) processes and are an extension of their data security and cybersecurity strategies.

Please note that while our name is changing, our legal status, our office address and contact details will remain the same unless otherwise noted. The company’s business remains fundamentally unaffected by this change and all contracts with existing customers and vendors will remain unaltered.

We look forward to delivering the same responsive service we have provided to partners, vendors, and clients under our new name, Securis. Thank you for your continued support.

Securis: Same Team, Same Expertise, Same Excellent Service. Intense Focus on Security.

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