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Posted Apr 14th, 2011

Securis Joins JCOTS eCycling Advisory Committee

The Virginia General Assembly’s Joint Commission on Technology Science (JCOTS) created the eCycling and Disposal of Electronic Materials Advisory Committee to evaluate the need for a statewide electronics recycling program in the Commonwealth. President of Securis, Inc., Jeremy Farber, has been recently appointed to the eCycling Advisory Committee.

The Joint Commission on Technology Science is a permanent legislative board, established by the General Assembly in 1997 to “…study all aspects of technology and science and endeavor to stimulate, encourage, promote, and assist in the development of technology and science in the Commonwealth and sound public policies related thereto…” (§30-85 of the Code of Virginia)

Mr. Farber adds, “By creating these committees, JCOTS is fostering an open discussion to directly influence the Commonwealth of Virginia and its technological policies. Committee members take into account their own professional know-how as well as the needs of the people. This endeavor brings together consumers and leaders of industry to work in support of a common goal.”

Each year JCOTS forms new advisory committees to examine policies that keep the Commonwealth updated with new advancements in technology and science. Advisory committees are comprised of representatives of industry, government, environmental groups, and other professionals. Each member of the committee is appointed based on their expertise and perspective.

These committees create an open forum for discussion about technology. The members along with leaders of industry and government collaborate to develop and review technology related policy. JCOTS considers which policies to recommend to the General Assembly.

JCOTS hopes to alleviate eCycling problems. Over 20 million person computers became obsolete in 1998. Only 13 percent were reused or recycled. Localities are faced with what to do with nearing end-of-life electronics as new technology continues to emerge. The eCycling committee is essential because there is presently no uniform federal law for the disposal of consumer electronics. JCOTS and its Advisory Committee would like to ensure safe and environmentally sound management of electronics, both newly designed and end-of-life.

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