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Posted Apr 14th, 2011

Securis Launches Non-Profit Re-use and Recycle Program

Securis, an electronics recycling company, has developed a powerful example of a cooperative, charitable venture.  Securis is a leader in the electronics recycling field in the Washington metropolitan area. Beginning in March, Securis will be sharing their community drop off days with different nonprofits to help raise awareness about the organization’s mission. The company has been providing a community drop off day where individuals can bring their excess electronic products to be recycled for several years.

Specifically, Securis will work with nonprofit organizations who achieve their missions through the collection and re-use of common household items or personal belongings for the purposes of redistributing them for the benefit of others. Jeremy Farber, CEO of Securis, Inc., stated, “People who come to the monthly recycling event are already doing a good thing by recycling their electronics instead of putting them in a landfill. Securis would like to give people the opportunity to do yet another good thing at the same time, all in the same location.”

Farber recognized this as a unique opportunity to not only help raise awareness about nonprofit organizations in the local community, but to also be strategic about the company’s philanthropic intentions. “It just made sense to focus on reuse and recycle non-profits, because their missions are aligned with our company’s environmental and community service objectives,” said Farber. “We’re fortunate to have a lot of foot traffic at our community drop-off days, and these organizations can now share in that exposure.”

Securis is working with Possibilities Consulting, a fundraising and nonprofit management consulting company, to coordinate the Nonprofit Re-Use and Recycle Program.  “I realized through my work with Possibilities Consulting that many of these organizations face the same challenges in the area of marketing and awareness of their missions,” says Farber, “and the idea of a Nonprofit Re-use and Recycle Program seems like a great solution for everyone.”

The featured nonprofit will publicize the occasion to their network and mailing lists while Farber will feature the organizations and the types of items they are looking to collect, in the regular advertising for his community drop-off day.  The first organization Securis is partnering with is Diana’s Books, whose mission is to collect and redistribute used books in communities who need them.

Chantilly, VA – March 3, 2008: Drop off days are the second Friday and Saturday of every month at the PC Recycler warehouse in Chantilly, VA.  People are encouraged to bring items for the nonprofit organization to that location, along with any other of the recyclable articles that Securis usually collects, such as computers, monitors, printers and other electronics. The first nonprofit collection is scheduled for March 7th and 8th.


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