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Posted Apr 14th, 2011

Securis Making Career Connections

Recently, Securis, Inc. was nominated for the 2010 Fairfax County Public Schools Career Connections award. We were chosen to be considered for this award by Chantilly High School, Career and Transition Services. They chose to highlight us because of our consistent, beneficial relationship with the Career and Transition Services at Chantilly HS for about 5 years now. Every year, students from Chantilly High get a taste of what it’s like to work in the “real world” by spending a few class periods per week at our office. The whole program is just a great opportunity for the all of us because the students help out PC Recycler’s work force and they get a hands-on learning experience instead of that typical classroom setting (and we all know what that’s like).

Here at Securis the students work on a few different tasks depending on what they like to do. All of us realize that the best way to learn something is to ensure that you really like what you’re doing in the first place. They help us in so many ways which include assisting us with our direct mailing projects to breaking down computers to their bare components. At Securis, we have the confidence that these students can do pretty much anything they put their minds to and we try to make sure they have the tools they need for their future careers.

For these special education career programs, Securis and Chantilly HS work together to ensure that this work-based learning approach is actually functioning to build experience for these young students. The teachers at Chantilly HS help us AND the students figure out what skills to explore as well as delve into the students’ interests to see if they like marketing, clerical, or more technical work. Some of the students that have walked through our doors learned technical skills that they have transferred to a supported work environment or other businesses that have hired them.

This career connection that Securis is making with Chantilly HS is a win-win situation for both parties. We hope to continue our work with this program in the future and hopefully other companies in the area follow suit!

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