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Posted Apr 14th, 2011

Securis nominated for 2007 Chantilly Academy Award

The Chantilly Academy is an environment which gives students an opportunity to obtain experiential learning and real-world knowledge in their classrooms as well as in their communities. The Academy is located at Chantilly High School in Fairfax County, Virginia.

The Chantilly Academy provides specialized courses in engineering, scientific technology, and health and human services. Students, parents, teachers, faculty, and the community team together for achievement.

“This Spring, your invaluable support and in-kind donation enabled our Computer Systems Technology students to acquire the computer parts needed to complete building on twenty-five PCs for our Chantilly High School Spanish students to bring to Paraguay for their volunteer work this week with the Peace Corps,” said Douglas Wright, Administrator of the Chantilly Academy.

The Academy has several business partners who allow the guarantee that the students have a variety of resources within their reach. They provide students with opportunities in shadowing, mentoring, and interning with local businesses. This program helps students develop their skills, establish career goals, and recognize their needs to attend schools of higher learning or enter the field of employment.

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