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Posted Apr 14th, 2011

Securis quoted in Today’s Facility Manager

The latest issue of Today’s Facility Manager featured an article about keeping E-waste out of landfills.  Thory Monsen, Vice President of Operations provide valuable information to the journalist who wrote the article.  Below is an excerpt of the article:

Keeping E-Waste Out Of The Landfill

Facility managers can help the environment—and fulfill regulatory requirements—by recycling electronics.

By Anne Vazquez

Virtually every organization contributes to electronic waste (or e-waste) with millions of pounds being disposed of each year. With rapid advances in technology resulting in increasingly quick turnover of computers and other electronic items, facility managers involved in the purchase, maintenance, and disposal of computers, telephones, televisions, and other electronic equipment are in a position to help reroute these objects from the landfill when they are done with them……….Click Here read the entire article.

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