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Posted Apr 5th, 2012

Securis Receives NAID Re-certification

To the leading provider of absolutely secure data destruction services in the Washington D.C. metro area, earning clients’ trust is extremely important. Now that Securis and its facility have been recertified by the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID), its corporate and government clients can rest easy knowing that their end-of-life data storage devices are in secure hands.

“Our NAID certification is recognition of Securis’s commitment to ensuring a secure data handling and destruction process,” stated Securis’s President, Jeremy Farber. “We have worked hard to set the right systems and procedures in place to be complaint and meet the standards set by NAID, and provide our clients with the most secure data destruction options available.”

Securis’s recent completion of the comprehensive program, in which it was awarded AAA Certification from NAID’s Certification Review Board, demonstrates the company’s commitment to destroying data in the most secure environment possible. NAID members are not required to become certified; however, companies that earn NAID Certification are on the vanguard in establishing standards for secure destruction processes. And to customers responsible for protecting sensitive files such as patient records and classified information, working with a partner who provides air-tight data destruction services is imperative.

During the certification program NAID auditors investigate every aspect of a company’s data destruction operation: security, personnel, the destruction process, responsible disposal of destroyed media, and whether or not the company has purchased enough insurance. One of the most important standards a NAID certified company must meet is to have written policies and procedures to guide the data destruction process. Separate certifications are needed for mobile and plant-based operations, of which Securis has both.

To receive their re-certification, Securis met the following NAID High Standards:

  • Current employees and future hires are subjected to background checks and drug testing.
  • Plants must have a secure area within the building devoted to processing and destroying media. Buildings are monitored by alarms and closed circuit cameras.
  • All personnel must wear uniforms. Individuals with access to secure areas must display photo I.D. badges. Visitors are required to wear guest badges, sign a log, and be escorted.
  • Drivers of secure vehicles must carry two-way communication devices.
  • Media to be destroyed is physically secured and attended to by employees while in the company’s custody.
  • Serial numbers on all hard drives are recorded and delivered after destruction.
  • Customers receive a certificate of destruction.

NAID Inspectors carry out random audits to test systems related to the facilities, storage containers, and vehicles used to provide destruction services throughout the year to ensure companies are staying within compliance. Securis has demonstrated positive results when randomly audited and continues to pass the systems tests. Companies must reapply annually for NAID Certification.


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